Thailand Amulets

Thai Buddhist and Magical amulets for Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness.

Vast Selection of Amulets

We have a vast selection of over 4000 different kinds of Sacred Amulets and Bucha Items, including Buddha Image, Loi Ongk statuettes, Buddhist Monk Coin Amulets, Takrut Charms, Nam Man Prai Oils, Mai Kroo Wands, Mitmor Ritual Knife, Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Elemental Substance, Kumarn Tong, Gambling Amulets, Mae Nang Prai, Muan Sarn Sacred Powder Amulets, Palad Khik, Animist Charms, Necromantic Amulets, Buddhist, Animist, Brahman and Necromantic Amulets.

About Us

Ajarn Spencer


Thailand Amulets is owned and Administrated by Thai Occult and Amulet expert, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood who guarantees only authentic blessed amulets, and a free gift with every order, as well as his safe delivery or money back guarantee.